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  1. Syslog won't start - another issue. Reformated the system again and trying another OS on it How do I mark this thread as closed?
  2. Same here - has been working in the past but I am doing a new system and not working - tried deleting /boot/config/rsyslog.conf but comes back and is broken
  3. Can I do that without a working syslog?
  4. Spoke to soon - crashed over night - no syslog as its not running which looks like an issue with the beta. I deleted /boot/config/rsyslog.conf but still has a message - rsyslogd: error during parsing file /etc/rsyslog.conf, on or before line 66 Was a Kernel panic on the console over night hopefully will capture it - doesn't look like this issue will go away
  5. Fingers crossed. Complete blank USB, drives precleared, one network interface and cache installed all as xfs. Seems decent now and with some mover events to clear cache. Running some Docker containers but no open vpn. Did one reboot so not a complete two days but seems better with less syslog messages. Or nothing that seems worrying. Will watch for couple days then mark as solved.
  6. Ok, I suspected something on the network side and set a static address and tried without the interfaces being bonded etc. I am redoing the USB and preclearing the disks. Will make sure the file system is set for xfs as well. I will skip openVPN with the new config as I can install that elsewhere. Just patiently waiting to finish the preclears and will start with just the one interface. Should I use the cache m2 device with this fresh config?
  7. I am starting as a fresh system, installed the preclear plugin and clearing all the disks now. Not sure if it could be the .m2 drive I have in there off a startech card. Also been looking in the BIOS if there is anything. Been also looking at the forums to see if there are HP specific things I can try. Debated to try FreeNAS or Xpenology on it since it is a bit of a play system and was to be my backups for my Synology. Will try this fresh unRaid config again to see how it behaves I was hoping another guru might t give us some other ideas as well
  8. Ok. Just did the complete memtest and no errors. Recognized the ECC memory in the test as well. Doesn't look like a hardware issue I can point out to HP for a replacement or service call. Could there be something on the software side if I moved from an older AMD to this PC? I think I started fresh just trying to think of options. Or do I go with the latest Beta which has a newer kernel as maybe there is a support issue with something on my side? I really like what I have seen with unraid and dont want to switch to promox or anything to see if it helps
  9. Switched to safe mode and still crashed overnight so not the plugins causing it Some kernel messages again before crash - Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed! syslog-
  10. Thanks - I have attached the complete syslog now. Will reboot to safe mode in a bit syslog-
  11. Crashed again - I have mover turned off to make sure wasn't that. On the server had the GUI interface running with a monitor attached. The GUI was frozen - time showed 03:57 and CPUs were all pegged at 100% Had to do a hard reset and have attached the syslog crash1009.txt
  12. I was able to get it to capture the crash again. I did have the console running as well and was able to try a ping and failed then I tried ifconfig -a and it didnt do anything and I couldn't control C to get out. Had to do hard reboot. I have done a memtest and HP system test in the BIOS and all passed I am running the lastest stable release crash1008.txt
  13. Yes it is a new piece of hardware - I just downgraded from the beta and will see if it crashes again. Basically a fresh start as I did move the USB from one system to another. If it crashes again I will do the memtest and will be setting up a syslog server. I thought was over the crashes since I removed some logging messages
  14. New to unraid and just got an HP micro server 10 plus. Every couple days or in the case today after about 12 hours it just hangs. Web interface not available and most of the time the docker containers not available. Today was able to capture the syslog through an ssh session. Nothing there makes sense on how to fix. Running the latest beta and wonder if I should roll back and start over - again unraid crash 09-22-2020.rtf rubbersoul-diagnostics-20200922-2056.zip
  15. I'm so confused - so I have a WD Black or Samsung EVO I would like to use on the HP Microserver Gen 10+. There is only one PCIe Slot and needs to be low profile. I would just be happy to have that working with 4 disks in the server. I think they are NVME cards