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  1. Just wanted to update and say that deepstack released a new update that dramatically reduces CPU processing times. I am using this image-> deepquestai/deepstack:cpu-x5-beta It works just fine on my unraid server and AITool (if that is what you are utilizing to send images) works like a charm. Link regarding update: https://forum.deepstack.cc/t/deepstack-is-back/440
  2. I believe I'm having an issue with my 6700 not increasing it's clock speed. I'm running a Dell Optiplex 7050Micro, 16GB of RAM. I am also running this to check and even when reaching 100% usage in my Windows VM it doesn't increase it's speed. I also enabled Intel Turbo Boost and Performance CPU under the 'Tips & Tricks' plugin. root@optiplex:~# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 800.007 cpu MHz : 800.018 cpu MHz : 799.978 cpu MHz : 800.067 cpu MHz : 800.002 cpu MHz : 800.046 cpu MHz : 800.013 cpu MHz : 800.092 root@optiplex:~# Windows also sees it being stuck at 800mhz. Performance is relatively slow when giving it 3 cores (with the equally paired threads). I checked my BIOS settings to make sure Turbo and intel's speed step were enabled. Everything seems fine on that front. I'm confused if this is just something of a bug with Unraid and the VM's, or if something else fishy is going on. Does anyone have possible suggestions on maybe why this is happening? Thank you optiplex-diagnostics-20200913-2355.zip
  3. It's threads like this that have saved me having to spend countless hours researching. This was incredibly easy and fast to setup via Docker on Unraid. Thank you all for posting! Now to try and get everything working with Blue Iris.