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  1. Great suggestions, I'll look into the 9100. I guess most of my decoding will either be done through a GTX 960 or on the client end, processing power might not matter much I was looking at the Asus as it was a ATX board with more PCIE slots and SATA ports (8) for expansion into things like SAS controllers and 10GB lan cards down the road What are some of the more commonly seen risks when transferring chassis? I might want to switch to a server chassis down the road as I accumulate drives, might be something to bear in mind
  2. Yes I would like an efficient CPU with the ability to use ECC memory
  3. Hi, I'm building a new media server that will mostly be use to store and play 4k movies and HD music, as well as file backups. Media decoding will mostly be done on the client end. I'm thinking about the following components: - Xeon E-2244G CPU - Asus WS C246 Pro mobo - A combinations of 4, 6, 12, 16TB drives, up to 16 drives - 256gb SSD for cache - 16gb ECC memory - Mobo has 8 SATA ports, but will potentially get a SAS expander if I go over 8 drives. Is it just a matter of plugging in the SAS controller and new drives into the expander at that point, leav
  4. Hi all. Been using the Synology stuff for a few years but I'm ready to move on to my first unraid build. The system will mainly be used as a media file server. Possibly playing no more than a couple of 4k video streams and hires music at any time but decoding will mostly be done on the client end. No VMs for the moment but who knows. So this will mainly be a file storage box. Looking to run up to 8 x 12tb drives with 2 drive redundancy, will possibly add more drives in the future. Can you folks recommend a CPU/mobo combo? Looking to go with a Xeon E, ECC ram (how much w