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  1. Hello my dears, I have eib problemY a 10 Gbit card is installed in my server. With two connections. I can separate it from unraid and integrate it as a PCIe device in my VM. after I did this, a VM does not start anymore. am I doing something wrong or do I have to hire more?
  2. .... ok .. this fix my problem .. THX U ❤️❤️
  3. I use a FritzBox On the Port Tab i have set the Internel Port 80 to extern 1880 and port 443 to 18443 (I Add a Screenshot) and After That, the Same Problem. The docker use Bridge Mode as Network. maybe that could be the problem?
  4. okay, i deactivated the proxy. should I also turn off the cloudflare's ssl encryption? I just tried it with letsencrypt docker. everything entered for nextcloud and i can't get on the server. only work till login page Https:// Not work
  5. I am facing a problem which I can no longer solve without your help. I need for my Unraidserver SSL Cert (Emby, Nextcloud .. ) For my Reverse Proxys i use Nginx Proxy Manager and for DNS Cloudflare. So, i create on Cloudflare a CNAME and set On WITH PROXY On the Proxy Manager i type in my IP and the Port. Turn HTTPS On and create a SSL Cert with Letsencrypt. Everything is finish And I'm trying to get to my website with the subdomain. But here I am told that the connection is not secure and that he is using the root certificate.