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  1. Thank you @JorgeB checking the logs I saw that the errors are immediately after these log lines: unassigned.devices: Issue spin down timer for device '/dev/sdi'. So could be the case. Maybe disabling spindown could help too as a temporary fix.
  2. Hello, my box has been on for about 6 months without problems, the last 120 days continuously without reboots, with version 6.8.0. A couple of weeks ago I added two new SSDs, without having any problem after. Yesterday I decided to upgrade to 6.9.2 to be able to create a new pool from those new SSDs. I finished the update at 9:30 am. At 18:47 read errors appeared on 2 disks in the array. I stopped and started the array and everything came back ok. At 4:40 this morning the same errors came back again. What can it be? Cables haven't moved in weeks, I just ran the firmware upda