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  1. Hey guys, I finally got it working. I will post the start to finish down here: 1.Create a new usb via Windows using the Creation tool (I used the stable version in combination with a USB 3.0 Flash drive) 2.Went to Linux (ubuntu in my case) installed the newest version of syslinux on ubuntu (sudo apt install syslinux) 3.Used Make_bootable_linux (might not be needed) (command: Sudo bash make_bootable_linux) Remember to put this in a different folder NOT the USB drive 3.In the BIOS of my Dell R510 i switched the BIOS to BIOS mode, NOT UEFI. 4.Reboot to have this go into
  2. Thanks for the files but unfortunately it didn't work. I made a new Unraid stick with the unraid USB creator. I used the next version(Beta) with my ip settings. After that i copied the files you send and replaced the one on the USB stick. But i'm still getting the "Failed to Allocate memory for kernel command line, bailing out" error. Any more advice what i could try?
  3. Could you explain how you need to update the Syslinux? I have the same problem.