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  1. Perfect. This answers all my questions, thanks again
  2. Hey Hoopster, thank you for your answer. What about the harddisk order when starting unraid? Since the harddisks are not plugged into the same port as before? Or does unraid recognizes the harddisk by some intern id (rather than sata port)?
  3. Hey, so I plan to change the motherboard of my unraid system. Everything else is stays the same. Is there anything I have to consider? I'm new to unraid so I thought I better ask before doing anything stupid. Thanks
  4. Thank you so much. Thanks to you I found it. It seems I was indeed too stupid to find it ^^
  5. Hi guys, I have the same problem as many. I use a Ryzen 1700X and after some time on idle unraid is freezing/crashing. I searched for the option Power Supply Idle Control or C-States on my bios but I can't find it. I updated to the newest bios version. I worry that there is no such option and that I cant use the mobo :(. I just hope that I'm too stupid to find it ... Unraid 6.8.3 CPU: Ryzen 1700X Mobo: MSI B350 PC Mate
  6. Sorry if it’s a stupid question, just installed unRaid and I want to make sure that I understand everything correctly. I have an unassigned HDD I want to unplug and use the the slot in my case for a SSD. Since the disk is not part of an Array I assume I can just shut shutdown unRaid and remove it? The disk is empty.