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  1. For what it's worth, I'm getting that exact same kernel panic on my 2014 MBP 13", 2009 MBP 15", and 2009 iMac. I know Unraid can be booted on a Mac (https://youtu.be/kdnL5_y0Jak), but I've yet to see anyone else reproduce it.
  2. Update: While booting off a rEFInd USB stick on a 2014 MBP, I get past the freezing stage, but now I get a pile of text and a kernel panic.
  3. Does anyone else have experience booting Unraid on Mac hardware? It seems possible given that @SpaceInvaderOne did it here: https://youtu.be/kdnL5_y0Jak
  4. Is there a cutoff on what Mac hardware can boot Unraid? I've been trying to boot an 2008 iMac and a 2014 MacBook Pro with both rEFInd and Clover with no success. I can't recreate it on my hardware, but @SpaceInvaderOne was able to do it here with no issues:
  5. Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same issue on a 2008 iMac and a 2014 MacBook Pro.
  6. That's great to know! Given that it only has USB 2.0, I dug out an old Firewire800 enclosure that I was going to try out if I can get it to boot.
  7. Yea, I understand it's not going to be the fastest thing, but I don't need it to be fast and I'm trying to make use of old hardware. I might be getting a newer used Mac (free) for this purpose that would be faster, but if Unraid doesn't work on Mac hardware, then I won't bother.
  8. I'm trying out Unraid for the first time and am hoping to use it on one of my old macs with a external hard drive enclosure. I've made the bootable USB (and tested it on a PC), but I can't get it to work on either my 2008 iMac or my 2014 Macbook Pro. I've been able to get the bootable USB to show up using a bootloader (rEFIned and Clover both work), but both freeze when I try to boot into Unraid. Am I doing something wrong or is this not compatible with mac hardware?