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  1. i got a message emailed to say out of error detected and to post diagnostics on here for help, which i would very much appreciate. i ran extented test again in "fix common problems" and it again came up with errors. any idea at all as i don't run anything except plex. no VM's or other stuff. hope i am attaching the correct reports. many thanks.
  2. Thanks for that but as mentioned I need micro ATX
  3. this isn't suitable for Micro ATX though is it ?
  4. I am really struggling here to find a suitable case for the motherboard i already have. Don't really want to buy a new board as well when there is nothing wrong with what i have. Just looking for a nice small 4-6 bay Micro ATX case. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. thanks for this. When i download the diagnostics and look at the smart report, what exactly am i looking for to determine that there are issues ? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I am looking to swap the big old gaming case which i currently have 4 drives in as it lives in my attic and i have to drag it down every time i have an issue with it. i would prefer a smaller case, suitable for my current micro ATX board, preferably with hot swap drives and that way i might be able to store it in the little office i have or at least it won't weigh a ton lifting it back into the loft every time. Any ideas ? (Preferably not dead expensive either and i live in the uk) many thanks.
  7. Have done a rebuild and things are ok now for about 24hrs, so fab news, thanks.
  8. will try a rebuild first to see if it solves problem. not sure how old the disk is as i have swapped a few out over the last few years. thanks a lot for your help.
  9. attached is new zip file. i rebooted and was the same as previous. then powered down and change to all new cables and powered back up and still the same. thanks
  10. Will try tonight when I get in from work. Thanks
  11. Hi all. I woke up this morning and had a quick look at the mainpage to see a red X next to one of the drive. Does this now mean it is dead or is there something i can do with it? i have attached the diagnostics as i have not re-booted or anything. thanks in advance.
  12. see attached zip file. Thanks. EDIT: most shares were set at secure, so changed them to public and all is now working. Thanks.
  13. I also now seem to have permission issues as i can't transfer anything into any of my shares. did the "docker safe new perms" and that allowed me to add to the movies share folder, but still nothing else.
  14. yes, chrome, but never used it. I guess I will have to start now, but thanks for sorting everyone
  15. yes, I use IE 11 and it must be this as I have tried it in chrome and it works just fine.