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  1. My unraid server is built within a Fractal 804 + GIGABYTE C246M-WU4, using the onboard SATA. I did ease up on tension from one side of the case to the other but I did bundle them with velcro. Will try to pull the velcro out and let them sprawl out more since I did 2 bundles of 4. Though overall, CRC errors doesn't really mean it's a bad drive from what I read?
  2. Picked up two 12TB shucked drives on reddit which no millage. Though during the parity rebuild, it was constantly throwing UDMA CRC errors which I read was a bad sata cable. Given that, I swapped the SATA cable from a hard drive not reporting errors, and the counter still went up on the shucked drives. SMART constantly passes. Is this UNRAID being picky?