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  1. Thanks! I'm looking specifically to add one 2.5 SSD (as a cache disk) and one 3.5" magnetic disk (as a regular pool disk).
  2. Hi - I recently set up my first Unraid server and loving it. I repurposed an old Corsair tower. It has 4 3.5" bays and two 5.25" bays above. I want to add two more drives into this system, a 2.5" SSD and another 3.5" magnetic disk. I am missing the plastic runners to hold the last existing 3.5" bay, sadly. What is the best way to add the two additional drives (and maybe leave further expansion space)? I assume putting some kind of mounts or cage into the 5.25" area makes sense, but the array of products is dizzying, and I'm not sure what additional cooling might be wise.