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  1. Okay, just of an update: Got in contact with where I got the drive form and they forwarded me on to Seagate. I did not know doing a return was such an big production, but is was kinda self explanatory. So I am hoping to get the drive in the post tomorrow. Hopefully soon a replacement that works back into the system. just thinking that might have to be a weekend job. So please do be surprised if there is no activity on there until the replacement drive appears. the opportunity of replacing the drive gives me the chance to update the labels as suggested.
  2. I will change the labels next time I am needed to go into the case. I just finished with the tidying up. I am also a bit unsure if all are correct because at 8x magnification the O's and 0's look very much alike on the drive labels. at least with a label change over I only need to get to the one side that is facing me under the desk thank you for the heads up!
  3. Hello Sorry about responding now I was making space to remove that one bad drive. So to stop me have the issue of Identify which drive is what drive on the system. I have gone and labelled each bay by disk number and suck another label on with the drive letter eg she, she... but getting to it was the biggest problem since it is behind the desk and wider another tower it has take from are last post until now to retrieve that one disk. I wish they put their label in large print (16ppt +). so now we are ready to deal with the company and what they want us to do?....
  4. this pc build is just getting more, and more. At least now we system seems to be a lot more stable and it appears we are done with the whole thing completely locking up only to find a failing hard drive. I hope there are no more surprises with getting the machine up and running. now I have got to find that 1 out of the 6! is there away that the system can Identify the hard drive name serial to a sata port?
  5. ???? odd it is a brand new drive. could other factors that could of produced an error reading for instance a loose connection or something?
  6. Hello I have just got back from work and the test is finished and I have attached the results. Errors Disk 3 logs.rtf ST10000VN0008-2JJ101_ZHZ4EHAW-20201016-0809.txt
  7. sorry for my mistyping *rewally should be really.
  8. okay thanks for the info was not expecting to be that long when the short test was under 5minutes. I really should of known since the server been up for a day and a half just for the parity sync. so should be done around midday tomorrow I guess its a a good job takes time.... at least now ii know rewally thanks for the heads up can stop stop watching the screen willing the % along.
  9. How long is the extend smart test run? because it seems to be at 10% now and is has not moved on.
  10. just done the short smart test downloaded the report (I think I have) and the result of test complete without error going to do the longer test test next monolith-smart-20201015-1106(1).zip
  11. the error log for disk 3! Error Log Disk 3 (before).rtf
  12. I have just downlown the smart report before we start monolith-smart-20201015-1106.zip
  13. hello just got back and the parity should of been done by now
  14. If you don't mind, I am going to break for an hour for food. then if you do not mind telling us how to get the extended testing started.
  15. I agree I am not happy that disk three has errors I just do not have a clue what error is? and have got 20mins left for the parity snyc.