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  1. Hello, I have manged to order an EVGA GTX 1070TI SC that ticks my box of 8GB and the Suggestion of the EVGA and GTX/RTX series. The only thing that I need to double check is SC = Super Clocked is okay or is this going to be a problem?
  2. Jonp Thank you ever so much for replying! I thought no one was reading this post since the last piece of advice was posted on the 23rd of November, and that i have be deemed a pest, since the suggestions seem to help get me so far long but seemed not solve the issue or issues, that are not allowing a VM to become a stable, so I can run the vm as desktop PC. Following that line of research (Search google Radeon RX 580 completely lost me when they discussing scripts and the behaviour I have been seeing with the VM's on this setup seemed to be simil
  3. Hello, can some one please help! I am new to unraid since October. I have not got a Windows VM to work with passed through hardware (which is why I chosen unraid to setup a NAS and still be able to run a PC from the same machine)! I struggled to get the NAS side up and running (thank you for help me out there). The computer side (the windows 10 VM) is beyond me. I have managed to get a vm to work via VNC but this is also proven to be temperamental it works fine on the day of setting it up and the day after but when I come back after a week it doesn't work. usually ending
  4. Please help is there anything that I am overlooking or just doing wrong!?
  5. PLease, please help!!! I think i am loosing my mind! I followed the steps taken to get a VNC vm to work which goes with no problem, even with the additional USB controller and the M.2 SSD (in an unformatted state). Then, when I passthrough the graphics and sound the I440fx gives up when the new driver is being installed. thus making the screen go black and the display never returns. So, as suggested to run the machine as Q35 and the display flickers but returns back to a typical display. This only last for a few days at most for some unknown reason....
  6. Big update I got the graphics card installed and working correctly !!!!!! Why is there not more info or a note on unraid. around graphics passthroughs if you have the VM crash after installing the graphics card's driver. on i440fx try setting up the same VM on Q35? this little note would be great next to the Machine:'s drop drown box. (I only found out this little gem on a reddit post). (turns out Q35 has native PCI/PCIe support which I440fx dose not). so the only issue remains and that is to get a work around for booting of an m.2. That is a job for to
  7. Hello, I am getting really stuck here I have got a VNC vm to work and when i pass the graphics card through with its sound counter part. it boots the windows basic driver due to amds driver has yet to be installed I clicked on the auto detect and install the recommended version. system still showing it downloads everything it needs and then when it installs the screen goes black and doesn't return? PLEASE HELP!!! I am stuck I do not know how to fix this problem. AMD DRIVER INSTALL.mp4
  8. Update I have got a stable Windows 10 NVC vm up and working Now to get the hardware to passthrough ?
  9. I am going to try to see if The VNC is stable. but please please help. I am getting really stuck.
  10. So, sorry I forgot the UEFI Shell MKII screen. This is how most of the vm boot up end.
  11. Sorry It doesn't want to up load the the video
  12. Please, Please, Help I tried again yesterday, and it seems like the vm is unstable the windows installer is no problem once I get into it most of the time I keep ending up at the mkII UEFI text screen that doesn't progress anywhere. I think i am nearly at my wits end! I will admit I am new to doing vm work, I had trouble getting unraid to work! thanks to the help with that from the community, for all their help getting the NAS side up and running. I asked in that post if anyone knew of a very basic step by step guide, and there was no more information forthcoming
  13. I have looked and the top result of that suggested search as the guy managed to solve his but I do not get how??? I have heard about the VFIO-PCI plugging installed this is how I was able to select the NVME drive and the USB3 card for the VM. I knew to get each item into it's own IOMMU Group which the Ovride option I found in the VM Manger set to downstream achieved the desired groupings. I had not realised that you need to select the GPU+GPUsound as well! due to unread saw the graphics card in the drop down menu. (I think I will try this next). other info: the pri
  14. I am well and truly stuck, please help. Something is not right, this is now the 2nd time this has happened I installed the windows on virtual disk in the automatic location (auto). installed the missing drivers when I got onto the desktop and the graphics driver from AMD gets to downloading packages and then the screen goes black in this instance I can not do the normal fix of remove the card and use the onboard since that is in use by unread being the host system. to go back in and remove /roll back the driver. What could I be doing wrong or missing to get instal
  15. Sorry about that. I have a bit of an update I had to start with making a virtual drive which the video later copies over to the m.2. I got passed the windows installer and when I got to the drivers the display driver started updating and then it crashed! so I am going to reattempt this later on this eve.