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  1. +1 for requesting NFS v4. I don't understand why a protocol that was released in 2012 is still not supported.
  2. This turned about to be an Ubuntu issue. Despite telling Ubuntu to use all of my disk space it only created a 196G partition. I was able to use lvextend and resize2fs to extend the logical volume. I have yet to understand this functionality but by creating additional VMs I was able to replicate it.
  3. I created an Ubuntu VM and set the Primary vDisk size to 550G. After installing the OS, it looks as if I only have 196G allocated to the drive. On the VM screen in the UI it lists capacity at 550G and Allocation at 152G. I assume resizing with Ubuntu will be painful and don't mind rebuilding the machine but I can't seem to see an obvious setting to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  4. So it turns out the issue was that I was plugged into a USB3 slot. Was the USB2 requirement added at some point? Because it was absolutely working on a USB3 port on 6.6.7.
  5. After upgrading from 6.6.7 through the web gui to 6.8.3 my system is unresponsive after booting. Specifically my keyboard freezes up and I'm seeing the error: /dev/disk/by-label/UNRAID not found The system continues to boot and gives a prompt showing it's using the hostname TOWER and not the hostname the system was set to. Looking at the USB drive, it doesn't appear that any log files have been updated in the log path. I'm at a loss as to what my next steps here should be. Any direction would be appreciated.