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    There is no way to enable NFSv4 server in unraid, almost positive that is a typo or misprint.
  2. I submitted a feature request here for an alternative NFS server in unraid.
  3. The NFS Server in unraid is still using v3 and has bugs in the recent release, I think offering an alternative to the built in nfs server would be a good for people seeking out NFS server with more enabled options. https://github.com/nfs-ganesha/nfs-ganesha/wiki Thanks, Tim
  4. I have not, once this thread reports back A-OK I will upgrade.
  5. Having the same issue with NFS on my Dell T130 server, forced me to downgrade after the first NFS crash. Seems like core functionality testing was skipped in 6.6 release as NFS/SMB are core components of a NAS not fluff like docker and kvm or a GUI that looks pretty on a cell phone.
  6. I want my array drives for WORM media, freenas server is a better fit for random IO workload. I also want redundancy and not waste drive bays on btrfs raid 1's. The cache drive i already have install is only 1TB and my plex server is almost 600GB with all the media indexing it has been doing. I used NFS before with mixed results, iSCSI would be best but pretty sure that isnt built into the kernel at all
  7. I converted my Norco case into a jbod, I had a super micro motherboard with a X5570 CPU all inside the norco case to begin with. I just bought a Dell T130 with a Xeon 1270 v5 and i went from 65MB/s party check speeds to 100-150MB with default tune, no modifications to the config at all. The system did a party check, start to finish without any hiccups on the network with NFS, no client reported any timeouts at all, plex (a major subscriber to NFS) didn't register any issues at all during parity check. @Drewster727 In my case I install nmon and saw the unraidd process logged most time in System Wait during a parity check, another interesting thing between systems i noticed is my SAS card's interrupts are now spread across all cores vs old system having all interrupts assigned to core 0. Hope this helps a little bit! Tim
  8. Not sure I follow, looking to have the OS/Plex DB off the array on a external freenas server. CPU and Memory used on the unraid server.
  9. Howdy, Thinking of migrating my vmware instance of Plex over to KVM unraid, wondering if there are any other options besides NFS v3 for backend storage options. Thanks, Tim
  10. Like night and day so far, under parity check the cpu is at 40% utilization @ 600GB checked, steady so far.
  11. Still no dice, server goes unresponsive once I hit the 4TB barrier, T130 with a xeon 1270 has been ordered.
  12. So thinking out loud, if CPU was an issue with the amount of drives is the issue NFS should stop responding when checking all 28 drives, not the 5 HE8 drives. So im thinking maybe the tunable testing script might be not factoring in the entire run into the recommendation. Speeds jump to 100+MB/s once system only checks the He8 drives. Think returning values to default will help? The only system that looks like it would work is the Dell T130, fits price point well and gives good CPU numbers. Tim
  13. If i can evacuate all 4 drives at once can i use this method "The "Clear Drive Then Remove Drive" Method" or do i need to remove each drive one by one? Tim
  14. You think reducing the array by 4 drives might get me out of having to buy a new head?
  15. Using a Xeon 5560, not sure passmarks score but googling shows around 5400, is there a reason why when check is running with 28 drives everything is responsive, however when checking the 8TB drives things become unresponsive?