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  1. Summary OS at time of building: Unraid 6.8.3 CPU: Ryzen 3700 Motherboard: Asus RAM: 32gb DDR 4 Case: generic short depth server Drive Cage(s): None Power Supply: 800w SATA Expansion Card(s): LSI in IT mode, 2 SUB 3.0 cards, 1x Mining riser connection. Cables: spare rear slots taken up with esata connections to link to seperate case containing non-array drives. Fans: 2x40mm, 1x120mm Noctua Parity Drive: 1 14tb WD Data Drives: 5 12tb WD Cache Drive: 1 2tb Total Drive Capacity: Primary Use: NAS and vm Likes: Smaller, quieter, fixed issues with drives. Usin