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  1. hmm without seeing other config screens.... nzbget seems to be trying to write directly to your /mnt/user/tv-shows, it should be going to /mnt/user/download mainframe/completed/tv-shows where Sonarr can pick it up. Also in nzbget/sonarr/radarr, the default setup has /downloads already setup and you just add the path. If you changed it to /data for all of them make sure Access Mode is read/write slave. Somewhere you have a mismatch between them. Make sure your categories are the same for each and do you really need a remote port mapping if it is all within
  2. What does your actual dockers config look like. Can you paste one of them up. Your eth1 has bond0 interface yet your docker setting is set for br0?
  3. I have an LSI 9300-8i that used to show on boot up and I could enter the webios configurator. It has since disappeared. However, i can see it super quickly flash SYSLINUX right before the UNRAID boot screen shows up. I have changed every option in bootup to be legacy and combo legacy uefi with OPROM support. Still nothing. The only thing that worked once was I disconnected drives rebooted and it then showed up. However, no such luck after that again. Mobo is an Asus C246 WS Pro.
  4. Created a separate network for dockers on my internal NIC and all is well again, with no errors being thrown, Thanks!
  5. Going to throw a vid card in there to transcode Plex streams?
  6. 6.9.2 Asus C246 WS PRO Intel E-2176G LSI 9300-8i Unraid will stop responding after some time, seems to be random and I need to perform a hard reboot. It seems to be happening much more frequently. Here is the Syslog that was being copied to Flash up to last log entry before reboot: The diagnostics file also is attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!