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  1. I found a solution connect bash on the docker image docker exec -ti Grafana-Unraid-Stack /bin/bash modify source.list # deb buster main deb buster main contrib non-free # deb buster/updates main deb buster/updates main contrib non-free # deb buster-updates main deb buster-updates main contrib non-free apt-get update apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader now i can loook some informations of my edgerouter i hope this fix can be help you for another snmp device
  2. Hello, i would like use this APP to manage my snmpd device (edgerouter) i add this i also set telegraf.conf as describe on URL bellow but i had an issue in the log and no DATA [inputs.snmp] Error in plugin: initializing table : translating: exec: "snmptranslate": executable file not found in $PATH I checked on the docker snmptranslate is present on docker image in /usr/bin Any help is greatly appreciated.