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  1. im only using 16, the rest can sit there as cold spares
  2. Hi peeps I have aquired or already owned the following that i am cobbling together for a self build NAS to replace an old Thescus.... Xeon E5-2680v3 12c24t ASUS X99-s Motherboard 32gb RAM Fractal Design R5 Corsair CX750 750w PSU 3 x PERC H310 RAID controllers (These have been flashed toi IT Mode LSI 9211) 30 x 6TB SAS HDDs (Tested and working) So i can get 16 drives into the case & 2/3 SSDs. What i want to do is setup unRAID with the drives & have a fast storage pool with the SSDs that i can run a couple of VMs on..... Does that sound viable in unRAID & what file system should i use (they will be shares used by windows PCs)? I have a 1060GTX spare i would like to install as i believe i can now pass the GPU through for the VM to use, can i do that with unRAID? Any advice would be welocme
  3. perfect cheers for that....
  4. Hey Getting ready to build after christmas, i have 15x6tb SAS drives, im planning to run 11xDrives, 2xParity & 2 Cold Spares. These will run off two HBA cards. Couple of questions Parity: Do the Parity Drive sizes need to match and can they be upgraded down the line, im planning to start with 2x 6tb Parity drives, i have gotten these drives for free but later after the build is finished when im spending my own money i plan to buy larger drives. Its my understanding that the size of the drive i am using is limited by the parity drive, so if i have a 6tb parity drive the largest drive i can add is another 6tb drive. If i set this all up later down the road can i buy a 12tb drive and replace one parity drive and then the following month buy another 12tb parity drive. Now in my head going forward i can buy and add 12tb drives alongside my 6tb drives and slowly over time increase space in this method? HBA Cards: I got a buunch of Dell Perc H310s RAID controllers which i have flashed to IT Mode and tested, they all work but for this build i'll only need two. If a HBA controller were to fail for whatever reason can i simply pull the card and swap it out and power the box back up, does UNRAID uniquly ID the hardware or will it care if the cards are swaped Networking: I also got a dual port 10gb NIC, im not 10gb networking at home yet but down the line does UNRAID support the bonding of network ports or iSCSI to increase throuput? Sorry for all the questions but id rather know now then have to find out later Cheers
  5. Hi guys thanks for the replies, sorry been swamped Im used to using Dell Equallogic SANs in work and they have array storage mixed with 15k SAS and SATA 7.2k, we used to have the DBs Volumes only on the SAS Pool cause it was quicker read writes. The 6tb SAS drives are 7.2k also coming from one of the arrays. At home i currently use an old thecus which only has SATA drives in it so its not an option Cheers for all the help
  6. So im getting ready to build a NAS and im thinking of using UnRaid. I'm getting 14 6tb SAS drives out of work i have a bunch of hostbus adapter cards ready to go and have already had a brief play with unRaid Want i want to do is install 13 HDDs in the array, have 2 partiy drives and a cold spare, i then want to install 4 500gb SSDs and finally a 500gb M.2 NVME as fast cache Can i create pools of disks so for example have the spinning disks as pool 1 and the SSDs as pool 2. The video library doesn't need fast storage but i wanted to keep documents such as CAD models of faster storage Does all that sound viable?