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  1. No , I have not tried Unraid, just ESXi because I have been using ESXi for over 12 years. I was able to get it working on 6.7U1. I have not tried any other versions yet. I will try 7.0U1 in the future. I wanted to let anyone know that this will work in ESXi though (at least 6.7U1) if anyone is searching and stumbled across this thread like I have. Cheers!
  2. I was wondering if there are any special drivers and what version of esxi you are running to get the USB card on Aliexpress working. referenced by @agarkauskas and @ZaneChua I have the card installed and have tried both esxi version 6.7U1 and 7.0U1 and don't see it listed as an available PCI device that I can passthrough. This is the only card I have inserted that the Hypervisor has not detected. Any assistance in this regard is much appreciated. Cheers!