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  1. Oh that's totally fine. Sorry for not making it clear that I was not looking for help on how to pass the card through. With the solution I have found I still get pretty speedy results without any problems (if you don't count this problem I had. It does seem to be CPU bound not Disk bound though). So I am happy enough with leaving things as it is. But still thanks. Just in case you wanted to know what my problem back then with passthrough was: - It seemed like the card didn't show up as its own SATA controller and I was just able to pass through the main SATA contro
  2. My whole server is just made from parts that I still had. For the Mainboard its a "M5A97_EVO_R20". I actually do not know if it has that enabled in its BIOS settings. It's been awhile since i have been in there. Mainly due to the fact that i do not even have a GPU attached to the server so I would have to put one in to do any changes to the BIOS. Thanks for the research. Much appreciated. I mainly chose it as it was a very cheap option with lots of ports. I did also buy a different card that was recommended on some Forum post but I didn't use it in the end so I gifted it to a co
  3. Thanks for the Feedback. I had read up on those recommendations before and heard the same thing in other Forum posts. Due to the low access rates on my server I accepted the downside in performance and "risked" it. So far it has worked fine but I have only used the ports in the way of connecting only one drive per multiplier (like only used every second port). I had initially bought it as I had 5 other old drives lying around and they would have not all fit on a small card. My Plan was to pass the whole card through to my VM. That didn't work sadly as those 5 other drives had to many errors to
  4. I have now created a new "Hull" in esxi and just connected all the already existing drives to unraid. I then booted from that machine and all speeds are back to normal. ESXI is now actually using all of the CPU. I have no idea what specifically caused this but now I just switched to the new hull I created and speeds are back to what I would expect / have experienced in the past (100 read, 30 write).
  5. Some more testing: ran hdparm 12 times for all my disk´s. Almost all of my disks have very abysmal speeds there (2-15 MB with occasional higher spikes). My Disk 2 had a test run where it had a consistent 50 Mbyte for all 12 readings but then when tried again later it was down to almost nothing (0.2 - 3 MB) I am really confused as to what could have suddenly caused these disks to become so slow to access Edit: Interesting thing is that when I reboot the first 2 Gigs seem to go fast (70 Mbyte) and then it falls down. But if the disks were so slow then why would those
  6. Sata Card: I restarted my Server replugged the card and all the connections but still the same speed (maybe slightly faster at sometimes 2-3 MB). Not all my disks are connected there though. Only 2 currently. The other devices work from USB 3.0 ports that are directly connected to the Motherboard. I have then also removed the card itself and plugged the disks in directly to the Mainboard. It is still the same situation though. I get fastish speeds (50Mbyte) for the first few secon
  7. Thanks a lot for that Info. I will try and focus on finding out if some IO problems are causing this. I have all my disks connected via a PCIe SATA Hub. So if something there went wrong it could explain all these problems.
  8. Hello, recently I have the problem that any sort of transfer immediately sets my Unraid to 100% CPU load. I run my Unraid on top of a ESXI Server which has worked fine for many months. Suddenly though as soon as any sort of transfer is started my Unraid starts to signal 100% CPU and becomes slow to respond etc. ESXI itself shows CPU usage up to 30% but sometimes just 8% during such a situation while the system itself shows 100%. I do not get any read or write Errors in the array overview. I have tried around many things but I can't seem to get it to work li