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  1. slow file transfer was root caused to nic driver for large file transfer offload. Thanks everyone for their input!
  2. Thats a fair assessment. Did another test copying a single 4gb iso file, still getting similar SMB share transfer results. FTP also the same. Diagnostic file attached. This shouldn't be a hardware or network related issue as I test with a linux install on the same h/w setup as I did for unraid and NFS or SMB transfer speeds ingress or egress are at 100MB/s+. Perhaps bios or sata settings specific to UNRAID i need to consider? tower-diagnostics-20201121-0940.zip
  3. diagnostics taken during slow transfer attached. tower-diagnostics-20201120-1955.zip
  4. Hello, Downloaded a trial copy of unraid but initial write speed test tappers to 0 B/s after 5 ~ 10 seconds. I've only have 2 500GB disks in the array w/o parity disk configured. Could we check if my configs are optimal and why the transfers rate becoms so slow.