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  1. Thanks, I'm running 6.8.3 and I haven't noticed any bugs or high usage or anything like that, so it seems fine. I'm not using any special features of the platform and I've disabled all wireless devices on the BIOS level, so I'm not exposing unraid to anything special.
  2. Hello, I would like to show off a build using the newish Renoir Ryzen 3 4300u equipped Asus PN50 and external "internal 5.25 bay" hard drive enclosure and an some issues and solutions that I had. This is a home server build to fit into a small, ventilated cabinet, with capacity for 3 to 4 HDDs, to be used as a file and media server, regular off site uploads, home VPN host, downloader, PiHole server, and more. The first key part of this build that would make it possible, would be the IO CREST M.2 22x42 to SATA III 5 Port adapter, as seen in the PN50 below: