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  1. https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/temancl/rsyncdl/ syncs every 15 minutes one-way from a remote over ssh, removing the source files on success. Feel free to play with it - it's very specific to my needs, but it might be a helpful template for other folks and you might point out how I've messed it up.
  2. The docker plugin listed here: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/gfjardim/btsync/ appears to be drifting out of sync with the latest btsync builds - running it pops a notification that there is a new build available. The URL listed in the docker manifest points to a newer version, but the image itself hasn't been rebuilt in a month. Does the developer have to force a version increment to get a new image built? If so, can gfjardim do so? Thanks, Teman