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  1. Hi, all, In another thread i posted about huge amounts of data being used by the Unraid box (its static ip address as shown in BandiwdthD and ntop shows 150GB-250GB received per night!) I have the 2020.09.29 version of this rclone plugin from Waseh's Repository. Got a gdrive mounted and am able to use Plex and Emby with the rclone-mounted gdrive. I disabled this plugin (rclone), rebooted unraid, and the huge nightly amounts of data being downloaded stopped. So the culprit is rclone plugin. Or is it? Could it be some bug? Could it be t
  2. If you mean there is some setting in Unraid That allows me to manage Unraid box remotely, no. I don’t have any open ports in my firewall or port forwarding.
  3. Sure. I just did. Thank you!
  4. Hi, all, I am using Unraid Basic 6.8.3. My ISP app started alerting me a few days ago of HIGH data usage. For the last few nights, around 2am daily the Unraid server downloads (receives) gigs upon gigs of data. I know because I installed BandiwdthD and ntop. I haven't installed anything in the last few days that would have caused that. I did install BandwidthD and ntop, but that was after I was notified of crazy data usage. The static IP of the unraid box is the one listed as the culprit in both apps mentioned above. On a ubuntu box I