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  1. This worked thx to testdasi with little tweak. First selecting: Tools -> System Devices -> GPU Reboot Unraid Install Windows in VM with VNC (without GPU) Once installed, download and install GPU drivers Reboot Windows and it worked
  2. And after VM shutdown not working anymore 😛
  3. Ok sorry for the topic but installed VM with 2 gpu's (one vnc and 2nd K4200) and it works. Don't know why but it works. Grtz
  4. Hello I'm new here and I'm using unraid for about month. Now I'm trying to get gpu passtrough but have problems with it. Done all ready all the videos from spaceinvader one, checked forums... I'm not person to ask question before research. So at the end of run what I can see is that when starting vm with wrong image my gpu works and displays things on screen only when I install windows vm, then I can't get it working. Tried on stable version of Unraid, latest beta.... Running on Unraid 6.9.0-rc2 GPU Quadro K4200 Xeon E5-1630 V3 64G ram