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  1. Only on the P410i indeed. The 420 supports HBA as standard. Although the P410i is an old cranky piece of hardware, I can't get rid of it because it's built-in in my blade servers (bl460 and 465 G7) and storage blade 2200sb. I know I can configure every single disk in its own RAID0 set and have the P410i present these to the OS, but then I'd have to reboot the NAS each time a disk has to be added. I want the disks to be directly accessible by the OS. I know it can be done, the OP Mathias Nielsen confirmed that in August 2019 (see above), but after two days of trying I'd appreciate some help with the kernel patch part of the solution 🙂
  2. The tool itself is not the issue here. It's a one-time effort just to put the controller in HBA/IT mode. But then, obviously, you want unRaid to access the disks directly. The standard hpsa driver module needs a small patch to make that possible. Applying this little patch is one thing, but imagine what would happen if you'd upgrade your box one day and by doing that your patched hpsa module gets replaced by the standard hpsa module... making your disks inaccessible again. You would then have to re-apply the patch manually. So it would be nice to have some kind of tickbox: "hpsa patch active". FYI: Replacing the p410i by another card is not an option because it's on the motherboard of my blade server and I have a storage blade 2200sb connected to it.
  3. The mode has changed, I was able to do that. But now the unRaid kernel has to be patched and I don't know how. Would be nice if someone could guide me. Having this patch implemented as standard in unRaid would be the best, as it would then survive updates/upgrades of the platform.
  4. Hello, this is exactly what I'd like to do: use my P410i in HBA-mode with UnRaid. I managed to get the card in HBA mode but UnRaid does not (yet) see the disks, probably because I didn't patch the kernel as described in https://github.com/im-0/hpsahba "However, to get system actually see and use disks in HBA mode, few kernel patches required" I have tried to do this, but I'm stuck as the tutorials are written for Ubuntu. Would be great to get some help here. Rgds, Michael