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  1. Nevermind, i got it to boot. Changed the emulation type to hard drive. Had to reboot and set the first boot drive to USB. Then it worked! Thanks!! I just used the windows USB creation tool and did the stable version as well.
  2. I'm trying to run the "sudo bash make_bootable_linux" command on my linux system, after installing it on step 2, and its saying "no such file or directory". Here is the command i'm running for the USB drive "sudo bash make_bootable_linux /media/user/UNRAID" Any suggestions on what i should try? Thanks!
  3. I only have a r410 at the moment to test with as far as Dell systems go. I was able to boot off of it on my custom built server, it has a supermicro board in it. I have a friends server here as well, its a Dell r730xd and it boots off the regular unraid tool bios boot usb fine. Makes no sense!
  4. Any luck on getting this working? I have a R410 that i can't boot the unraid usb on. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'll follow that thread as well. So i booted up the usb drive on my custom server and am in unraid at the moment. I tried running the syslinux command in terminal and says unknown command. Is there another way to do it?
  6. I'll try that and see if it works. Give me a few mins and i'll report back. Thanks!
  7. So this is a PITA to install Arch. I'm giving up on it. I'm following a guide to install it, but some things aren't the same. I guess maybe the guide is an older version? not sure. I guess i'll just dump unraid and go with another OS for the time being.
  8. Ok, i'll give it a shot, still not super clear on how to install Syslinux, but i'll see if i can do it. I'm setting up an Arch VM now.
  9. Thanks for that. I'm not a linux guy, so i'm not exactly sure how to do that. Or what files he was talking about. I can spin up a vm with Archlinux on it if needed, but am not sure what i would need to do after that. His post didn't make much sense.
  10. Yeah, i can boot from it on another computer, and i am booting off a usb2 port. Yes, esxi booted off the same usb port fine as well.
  11. I just tried booting from a esxi boot drive and it booted fine.
  12. Hi everyone, i am trying to setup unraid on my dell poweredge r410 and am getting this error: Failed to allocate memory for kernel command line, bailing out. Booting kernel failed: Bad file number. I've tried several usb drives and none of them are working with legacy or uefi boot. When i try bios boot, it just sits there flashing after the "remote access setup". Any clues as to what i could try? My bios is updated to the latest version that Dell released. I have 32gig of ram in it. Dual Xeon 6c CPUs. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!