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  1. Rebooting was required to clear the read errors and return the array back to a passing status. I've reseated the memory module and will continue to monitor the logs for that. Feel free to mark this one solved and thank you for the assist trurl!
  2. I must have skimmed past that one, guess that memory is on the way out. Acknowledging via the smart warning didn't work but I'll clear the error counts and see if it reports a as pass afterwards.
  3. I'm a bit lost on troubleshooting why the array is giving me a failure status. There were some disk read errors during the last parity check and 2 sectors were reallocated, but smart extended tests seem to pass on that drive and nothing else is obviously amiss from what I can tell. Diagnostics attached. TIA.
  4. Just to update and close the topic, the card does work out of the box with the bnx2x driver and the faulty fan was the culprit! Thank you JorgeB for nailing that one right on the head.
  5. I had to use a small mirror and a flashlight, but the fan has failed so that would make sense. Once the replacement arrives I'll swap it out and see what happens.