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  1. I entered BiOS and set to AHCI mode, but three disks are still missing. i am using LSI-9207-8i IT mode, do you know any special settings are needed? What should i do in the next step to recover my data and reset whole unraid system?
  2. Actually, all disks are still plugged without any changes, they became missing suddenly yesterday. Is it possible a hardware issues?
  3. I thought I can overcome the issues with the new driver when the first time happening. I am wrong now. I didn't put any missing disk into other systems this time. Hope I can recover my data before reset overall system. I am using version 6.1.9. Diagnostics zip attached for your recommendation tower-diagnostics-20181207-1733.zip
  4. My unraid sytem worked well in the past 5 years but it became unstable this hald years ago Two disk suddenly changed to disable, then i replaced with new driver but all data in user share became empty how all data still in disk share actually. one week ago, three disk changed to disable again. I plugged the disabled disk to a window PC and it can work well without issues, so i planned to backup all date from my unraid disk saparately and reset my unraid system. May i know what software should i use to read and back up the data from unraid disk in my Window PC?
  5. I am using Toshiba 3T as parity disk with 6 data disk. Last night the server suddenly down and unclear power down was show after reboot. When the server was restarting with parity check, the parity disk swap with cache disk suddenly. Therefore, the server was restarted with new parity disk (original is cache disk), it still show the array was invalid even the parity syn was completed Any one can advise what's going on? My Toshiba HDD dead? If so, why this Toshiba HDD still passed the Smart Test? Another question is why the array still show invalid after parity syn with this new parity disk. What can I do to make it valid?