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  1. Hey all, so i had a power loss that seemed to take a disk with it, however it was failing with ATA errors rather than errors against the disk number itself. i had identified the problem disk, or atleast thought i had, removed it and swapped it out for a spare. However it wasnt the actual failing disk! Parity sync had not fully started due to the ATA link hard reseting, but it had already written to the config file the disk in it's place. is it possible to edit a file to add the other disk back in it's place? also is there a trick to making a disk fail without starting the parity check? I've tried hitting each of the disks with heavy read from hdparm but they all function totally fine.. Version 5.0.5 ... Yeah i need to upgrade at some stage..
  2. as far as i can tell in the logs, it dropped out on the 25th, at 2am (when it wouldnt have been used, apart from maybe a btsync function.) i have opened it up, reset a few of the drives while finding the right disk (which was at the bottom of the stack and had a slight bend near the sata connector - right angle connector, really need to replace the whole set of cables with straight ones for better cable management.) i moved the disk away from the bottom of the case, so theres not such a heavy bend in the cable, and swapped it with another, including the power cable as a precaution since its been offline for so long, while data was written (i was coping stuff over this afternoon questioning, why its coping a fair bit faster than usual.. now i know) i suppose ill need to recalculate the whole parity? it is still sitting as a blue icon. as you have said, blue icon should only come if its been rebooted in the removed state which is what i understood to be the case. however, it was happily green last time i rebooted the machine (i make sure to check the array boots correctly each time, its only on rare occasions it goes down - eg. a power cut.) so there was no stopping and starting with the array, or rebooting until today when i noticed it was disabled (red) and stopped it to inspect. running another smart extended test in the webUI, doesnt seem to be crashing out anymore. not sure how long you should expect it to take however... edit: well, its now the morning, and the smart extended test did pass. looking at the little mini log in the webUI, Num Test_Description Status Remaining LifeTime(hours) LBA_of_first_error # 1 Extended offline Completed without error 00% 4940 - so certainly seems quite happy again. rebuilding the parity disk since it was offline for a few days clearly seems to be my only option at this point. thanks for the help Joe L.
  3. hey, had my unraid array working for the last year or so, probably due for me to upgrade its version at some point.. but, i went to check up on it - something i dont actively do anymore, as it happily sits there in the corner making the occasional outing (it hasnt made a outing in since the start of this year though.) anyway, i went on to grab a screenshot of the disk space usage, and noticed my parity disk was disabled. this instantly struck me as odd, so i looked over the recent log lines, nothing looked untoward (im quite a long time tawler here..) so, thought not too much of it, maybe it dropped it due to not waking up fast enough or something and stopped the array. at this point, unraid decided to mark the disk as a new disk. so this is where i started to dig deeper, and do some tests. Smart status test passes for the disk, however smart extended tests are interrupted at 10% according to the UI at-lest (i suspect it gets further and the UI just isnt updating in time).. manually running smartctrl -a /dev/sdc gets the attached log. while i would prefer not to need to, i'm happy to preclear the disk, and rewrite the parity. the server has been online for 16 days since its last reboot, just encase, i have not rebooted it yet. but when i do, ill be checking that any cables have not came loose. im running Unraid version 5.0-rc12a. hopefully the disk isnt dead, not too keen to need to replace it this close to christmas.. syslog.zip smartctl.txt