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  1. Hi @trurl point taken. How does it usually work when the VM exceeds the cache size? Pause until cache becomes available again and so on?
  2. Hi @jonathanm I think I will do that next. Or possibly specify a disk where the vdisk image is stored during vm creation. In the log it sais that the mover is skipping the vdisk image of the vm rackserver move: move: skip /mnt/cache/domains/Ubuntu/vdisk1.img instead it has kilometers of jbreed-nessus entries: /appdata/jbreed-nessus/opt/nessus/lib/nessus/plugins/openSUSE-2019-1419.nasl
  3. I am pretty much back to my original problem now. The cache is full. The mover is running (log is at 61% now) and my VM is paused again. I am downloading data to the VM and it seems as though the download is faster than the mover.. pretty much unusable.
  4. thx for the feedback. It is awesome that attachements cannot be deleted.. so there is that 🤣
  5. thank you @itimpi I clicked for a bit to find it. It seems that some stuff has worked out now that I have changed all the shares to yes. appdata is lowkey complaining that it is not cache only.. but who cares right?