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  1. No, I didn't I just went into VM and added
  2. Now that I got it running with the 2TB and 1TB. I installed windows 10 VM and Win Server VM, how do i access it. Is there a video or instructions?
  4. The 1TB was formatted after 4 hours running and 2 hrs remind
  5. im not using any RAID to my knowledge unless its in the BIOS
  6. The 3TB still in the PC connected but I'm not seeing it now.
  7. My Diagnostics
  8. doing a new install it was taking 8 hrs to do the Array, I notice i was getting a lot of errors, I stopped the array process (it didn't finish). now im trying to replace the hard drive but the old configuration is still there and it is saying disk missing. I thought if I could clear the whole install and start again that would work. I don't know how to do that..
  9. I start the hard drive array and notice HD errors, I stopped it to replace hard drive. I put in a new hard drive and its keeping the old configuration. Could I reset everything to start from the beginning?