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  1. Just wanted to update in case others have issues: Now stable with 16 days uptime and counting Typical Current Idle looks like it was the culprit - changed it and nothing else. Have left RAM frequency @ 3600MHZ for now pending further issues.
  2. Thanks, that's their stock speed / what they have a profile for. I can clock them lower if the Typical Current Idle thing doesn't solve things. Thanks for the pointer.
  3. Thanks - I guess I'd assumed it was a docker issue, so had not looked for Ryzen-specific issues. I've changed my Bios's "Power Supply Idle Control" from "Auto" to "Typical Current Idle". While most components in my build are quite new, the PSU is reused from an older system.
  4. Hey folks, I'm trialling Unraid, but with my build I've basically committed to using it. I'm experiencing most of the server hanging after a few days (usually about 3 days) - this has happened three times now. Usually the system will still be accessible over ssh, but the web UI won't load at all, or will hang when I click on the docker tab (which is probably a clue). And I can't interact with most systems using ssh either. If my assumption is correct that this is being caused by a docker container (somehow), then I don't understand how it's breaking the other containers