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  1. Still broken, got critical disk errors last night and all wm's went down because of it. Please help me figure it out, since having to reboot and rebuild the parity every 10 days or so is getting tiresome. I attached a new diagnostic dump before and after rebooting. Before reboot smart data was not included in the dump. I attached the syslog from the last bootup to system failure. vbarum-diagnostics-20210217-2315-beforereboot.zip vbarum-diagnostics-20210217-2341-after reboot.zip syslog
  2. Just to let everyone know: It has now been two weeks of normal operation and no disk errors. I think that upgrading to the later kernel fixed the issue. Would advice this for people with Ryzen systems.
  3. Upgraded to the newer version with the new kernel yesterday and also replaced the disk that has been kicked out of the array. Will let you know in this thread if the issues persist.
  4. I ran into some posts regarding this error with NVMe drives and some with talk about disabling IOMMU grouping but now with SATA drives. Would you advise to move to the beta channel for a fix through using a newer kernel?
  5. Sorry for the confusion. Missed the diag file. vbarum-diagnostics-20210125-1217.zip
  6. The setup Ryzen 7 3700X MAG B550 TOMAHAWK - BIOS A53 (Latest Beta bios with ComboAM4PIV2 - Updated after second failure 128GB DDR4 2666MHz 550W PSU Version 7C91vA53(Beta version) Release Date 2020-12-30 File Size 17.96 MB Drives Parity WDC_WD102KRYZ-01A5AB0_VCH9Z3KP - 10 TB Disk1 WDC_WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0_K3G42TLB - 4 TB Disk2 WDC_WD102KRYZ-01A5AB0_VCH8VSTP - 10 TB Disk3 WDC_WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0_K3G4VK1B - 4 TB Cache Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_2TB_S4X1NJ0N702274P - 2 TB Cache Samsung_SSD_860_EVO_2TB_S4X1NJ0N702273Y -