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  1. I have similar experiences. Had the macvaln crashes with the "CALL TRACE" in the syslog. crashes every day since I was an 6.9.2 (coming direct von 6.8.3) . Revmoved all fixed assigned IPs from Docker container in the br0 network. Then no crash for over a week. But suddenly the crashes were back. Every day. I had no idea what the reason was. No more CALL TRACE in the log. That was the time, where I downgraded back to 6.8.3. Since that downgrade unraid is stable again. So I don`t think, that theses crashes are Hardware related.
  2. My Cashdrive was also not mounted. All my dockers were gone. at that moment I almost had a heart attack. But then I realized, that the cachdrive was unassigned. After assining it, everything was fine. In any case, I will not make any more attempts to update the system at the moment. The stability is too important for me.
  3. I had the same problems, since I upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9.2. Permanent crashes (every day) . Syslog was not helpful. Yesterday I downgraded back to 6.8.3. I need Unraid and Docker for my smarthome. Stability is very important here.
  4. I have the exact problem. 6.8.3 was absolut stabel for a year now. Not a single crash. Now I updated to 6.9.2. and have also crashes every day. I also use PiHole as a docker container.