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  1. 44 minutes ago, trurl said:

    But won't perform as well due to slower parity, and will keep array disks spinning since that file is always open.

    Since the user asked for a server with SSDs, I did assume he wouldn't put some spinning rust for that obligatory array drive.  And with a single drive, there is not parity


  2. 32 minutes ago, ich777 said:

    Please keep in mind that this documentation is for stock unRAID systems


    As you can see it is using the ZFS driver automagically.

    Of course Limetech would not account for ZFS since it is not officially supported.  But since I was not sure about docker picking the right storage driver and my previous attempt with unstable builds (2.0.3 iirc) was unsuccessful, I recommended setting the docker vDisk location to path on the array which 100% does work.

  3. 7 minutes ago, ich777 said:

    I don't understand, what is not recommended or where does it say it's not recommended?

    it says


    In a specified directory which is bind-mounted at /var/lib/docker.  Further, the file system where this directory is located must either be btrfs or xfs.

    zfs would have zfs storage driver instead of the btrfs or overlay2 one

  4. 2 hours ago, ich777 said:

    Please try to use not an image, use a Docker path instead, have no problem using everything on a zpool, currently I'm using ZFS 2.1.1 on unRAID 6.10.0-rc1


    Limetech does not yet recommend this (

    I think it would be best if we could get it to work with the ZFS storage driver ( once ZFS is officially in Unraid.


    @ich777what does 

    docker info

    give you for your setup? Did it autoselect zfs as storage driver?

  5. You should have a single drive for Unraid's array, so the system can start since most services need the array started.  Also your docker.img should be placed on this drive as was witten earlier.

    I have atime off in general and setting autotrim on for SSDs is something I just do like setting ashift manually on creation.  For the compression I would go with zstd instead of lz4 however.

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  6. All of a sudden my flash drive was not writeable any longer.  Searching for that error revealed that this most likely because of bad sectors and Sandisk making their drives readonly in that case.  So I want to switch to a new drive but of course I don't have a flash backup.  Now I wonder if I can just copy the files in Windows to the new one or if I need additional steps.

  7. 1 hour ago, Joly0 said:

    Also it seems not to make a difference having Z1 or Z2, but we will see, jsut lets try to pin down this issue as precisely as possible.

    I can confirm that since I still had issues with 6.9.0/2.0.3 and my raidz1 didn't change.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Joly0 said:

    Nope, for me still whole system lockup when having the docker.img on my zfs array on 2.0.4/6.9.1

    Now that is strange.  I have docker.img in it's own dataset on a raidz1.  My settings

    NAME         PROPERTY                    VALUE                                       SOURCE
    tank/Docker  type                        filesystem                                  -
    tank/Docker  creation                    Sun Feb 21 15:50 2021                       -
    tank/Docker  used                        106G                                        -
    tank/Docker  available                   22.8T                                       -
    tank/Docker  referenced                  11.4G                                       -
    tank/Docker  compressratio               1.66x                                       -
    tank/Docker  mounted                     yes                                         -
    tank/Docker  quota                       none                                        default
    tank/Docker  reservation                 none                                        default
    tank/Docker  recordsize                  128K                                        default
    tank/Docker  mountpoint                  /mnt/tank/Docker                            inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  sharenfs                    off                                         default
    tank/Docker  checksum                    on                                          default
    tank/Docker  compression                 lz4                                         inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  atime                       off                                         inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  devices                     on                                          default
    tank/Docker  exec                        on                                          default
    tank/Docker  setuid                      on                                          default
    tank/Docker  readonly                    off                                         default
    tank/Docker  zoned                       off                                         default
    tank/Docker  snapdir                     hidden                                      default
    tank/Docker  aclmode                     discard                                     default
    tank/Docker  aclinherit                  restricted                                  default
    tank/Docker  createtxg                   14165                                       -
    tank/Docker  canmount                    on                                          default
    tank/Docker  xattr                       sa                                          inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  copies                      1                                           default
    tank/Docker  version                     5                                           -
    tank/Docker  utf8only                    off                                         -
    tank/Docker  normalization               none                                        -
    tank/Docker  casesensitivity             sensitive                                   -
    tank/Docker  vscan                       off                                         default
    tank/Docker  nbmand                      off                                         default
    tank/Docker  sharesmb                    off                                         default
    tank/Docker  refquota                    none                                        default
    tank/Docker  refreservation              none                                        default
    tank/Docker  guid                        8024818214154210388                         -
    tank/Docker  primarycache                all                                         default
    tank/Docker  secondarycache              all                                         default
    tank/Docker  usedbysnapshots             45.6G                                       -
    tank/Docker  usedbydataset               11.4G                                       -
    tank/Docker  usedbychildren              49.5G                                       -
    tank/Docker  usedbyrefreservation        0B                                          -
    tank/Docker  logbias                     latency                                     default
    tank/Docker  objsetid                    15006                                       -
    tank/Docker  dedup                       off                                         default
    tank/Docker  mlslabel                    none                                        default
    tank/Docker  sync                        standard                                    inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  dnodesize                   legacy                                      default
    tank/Docker  refcompressratio            1.49x                                       -
    tank/Docker  written                     9.09M                                       -
    tank/Docker  logicalused                 171G                                        -
    tank/Docker  logicalreferenced           17.0G                                       -
    tank/Docker  volmode                     default                                     default
    tank/Docker  filesystem_limit            none                                        default
    tank/Docker  snapshot_limit              none                                        default
    tank/Docker  filesystem_count            none                                        default
    tank/Docker  snapshot_count              none                                        default
    tank/Docker  snapdev                     hidden                                      default
    tank/Docker  acltype                     off                                         default
    tank/Docker  context                     none                                        default
    tank/Docker  fscontext                   none                                        default
    tank/Docker  defcontext                  none                                        default
    tank/Docker  rootcontext                 none                                        default
    tank/Docker  relatime                    off                                         default
    tank/Docker  redundant_metadata          all                                         default
    tank/Docker  overlay                     on                                          default
    tank/Docker  encryption                  off                                         default
    tank/Docker  keylocation                 none                                        default
    tank/Docker  keyformat                   none                                        default
    tank/Docker  pbkdf2iters                 0                                           default
    tank/Docker  special_small_blocks        0                                           default
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:zend_delay     0                                           inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:enabled        on                                          inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:src_plan       7days=>1hours,30days=>4hours,90days=>1days  inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:mbuffer_size   1G                                          inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:mbuffer        off                                         inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:tsformat       %Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S                             inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:recursive      on                                          inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:pre_znap_cmd   off                                         inherited from tank
    tank/Docker  org.znapzend:post_znap_cmd  off                                         inherited from tank

    Running the following images 



  9. @steini84 I have run 2.0.4 in 6.9.1 on my test system without a problem so far and switched my main system (raidz1, 24 docker containers in btrfs img) to unstable.  Running fine for the last 8 hours where 2.0.3 under 6.9.0 had the system lock up within minutes.  Looking like the issue is fixed in either Unraid 6.9.1 or ZFS 2.0.4.  A verification from someone else would be helpful though.

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  10. 1 hour ago, NeoJoris said:

    I'm sorry to maybe misinterpreting your problem, but have you checked for any hardware faults? Please try some cpu and memory tests (xmp was for me a random crasher and causing some drive and network instabilities on a threadripper)

    Which problem are you referring to?

  11. I have setup a test system with

    • zfs 2.0.4 on Unraid 6.9.1
    • zpool of only one SSD drive
    • znapsend making snapshots hourly
    • one dataset for Docker
    • placed docker.img in that dataset
    • have one docker running (Telegraf)

    So far I could not reproduce the error.  But there are some key differences to my main system when I had the problem, it had

    • raidz1 of 3 drives
    • zfs 2.0.3 on Unraid 6.9.0
    • multiple docker running
    • drives where classic spinning rust

    Anyone got an idea on how to reproduce the error?  I wouldn't call it fixed in 2.0.4/6.9.1 so soon.

  12. 3 hours ago, steini84 said:

    Also 2.0.3 in the "Unstable" folder you can manually enable

    Is it still

    touch /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/USE_UNSTABLE_BUILDS 



    I want to reproduce the problems on a test machine but only have 1 drive (since the array wants at least 1) and therefore could only create a single-disk pool.  I don't know if that would result in me not being able to reproduce the docker error.

  13. 2 hours ago, Marshalleq said:

    @Arragon what @steini84 is suggesting is to mount your docker to a folder rather than a .img file


    Also, I'm not sure if that zfs storage driver refers to zfs as an underlying file system, or within the docker container - I assume the latter.

    Like I said, I didn't even get to that point as the system completely locked up before I could copy over the data.  Starting with a fresh Docker is not an option for me.  Also the help page mentions ZFS for /var/lib/docker (where we want to bind-mount to).  Currently they recommend btrfs (which Unraid uses by default) or OverlayFS (successor to aufs).  I guess that is why it's currently an img-File and not simply a folder.

    I just don't understand what 2.0.1+ changed to make the img-File not work any longer.


    There was also something strange I noticed on 2.0.3 - I tried to copy the docker.img from ZFS pool to an SSD with XFS and it was really slow.  Docker wasn't started and other files copied over just fine.  My docker.img had multiple snapshots (like other files) - don't know if that is of importance.

  14. 1 hour ago, steini84 said:

    Did you try the new bind-mount to a directory that was added? In any case I moved 2.0.3 to unstable and added a 2.0.0. build instead (thanks ich777)

    I'm still new to docker, so maybe I did it wrong.  Here is what I thought I could do:

    1) Create new dataset like /mnt/tank/Docker/image for the content that was previously in docker.img

    2) Start Docker with docker.img and make sure containers are stopped

    3) Copy over content from /var/lib/docker to /mnt/tank/Docker/image

    4) Stop Docker and change path to /mnt/tank/Docker/image

    5) Start Docker again and it would bind mount /mnt/tank/Docker/image to /var/lib/docker


    Unfortunately the system completely locked up during step 3 and I had to reset.


    EDIT: Seeing as there is a whole storage driver ( and I don't even know how those changes are made in Unraid, I think I'll stay with the .img-file