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  1. How do I create a ZVOL for docker and what do I need to do so Unraid uses it?
  2. OK, Thanks for the fast support.
  3. Are you sure? It seems like everything is working now. The UI glitch is a bit strange but after a while the drives etc appear. I was also able to recreate the VM without a problem.
  4. Also getting this error output in UI (the list of disks is empty but then suddenly the drives appear) Edit: The errors appear in the browser console
  5. /mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img /mnt/user0/system/libvirt/libvirt.img /mnt/disk1/system/libvirt/libvirt.img
  6. Haha, who would do that. *hastily deletes 51000 Znapsend snapshots*
  7. OK, here it is awk: cmd. line:1: (FILENAME=/kellerbak-diagnostics-20220518-1941/logs/syslog.txt FNR=35) warning: Invalid multibyte data detected. There may be a mismatch between your data and your locale syslog.txt
  8. Now it's stuck again on this screen -.-
  9. The SSD was not the cache. It assigned it to the VM. Dunno why the VMs gone but it should be easy to recreate it unless you know a better way to restore the settings.
  10. After restarting another time, things look a lot better. I was able to start the array and everything seems okay except there are blue text boxes everywhere and my VMs are gone. Could attached the diagnostics file this time
  11. It just opens a window where a lot of text scrolls by and then it reads like this
  12. So no problems while running Docker on ZFS anymore?
  13. I switched my backup server to 6.10 which seemed to have worked okay until I started the upgrade of the certificate. Now my whole array and all drives are missing.
  14. Does that mean it is save now to go to 6.10? I remember people having problems especially with Docker on ZFS (Dataset, apparently ZVOL seemed OK). Can anyone confirm?
  15. Getting Error 5 when creating a new USB drive with the Unraid utility. Drive is a 16GB Sandisk Extreme
  16. Lidarr doesn't seem to cache DNS queries at all, hitting my DNS server with over 1000 requests per minute and getting blocked. How can I prevent this?
  17. I believe the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 has no integrated GPU and the board only has on PCIe x16 Slot (and 2 x1 Slots)
  18. Would it be okay to have only one GPU for VM Passthrough and Transcoding if both aren't running at the same time? I only need the VM once in a while and would stop Plex before I use it.
  19. Maybe this can help:
  20. Since the user asked for a server with SSDs, I did assume he wouldn't put some spinning rust for that obligatory array drive. And with a single drive, there is not parity
  21. Of course Limetech would not account for ZFS since it is not officially supported. But since I was not sure about docker picking the right storage driver and my previous attempt with unstable builds (2.0.3 iirc) was unsuccessful, I recommended setting the docker vDisk location to path on the array which 100% does work.
  22. it says zfs would have zfs storage driver instead of the btrfs or overlay2 one
  23. Limetech does not yet recommend this ( I think it would be best if we could get it to work with the ZFS storage driver ( once ZFS is officially in Unraid. @ich777what does docker info give you for your setup? Did it autoselect zfs as storage driver?
  24. You should have a single drive for Unraid's array, so the system can start since most services need the array started. Also your docker.img should be placed on this drive as was witten earlier. I have atime off in general and setting autotrim on for SSDs is something I just do like setting ashift manually on creation. For the compression I would go with zstd instead of lz4 however.
  25. Does the user/group have write access? The default when creating a dataset is root:root