Array gone after upgrading

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OK, here it is

awk: cmd. line:1: (FILENAME=/kellerbak-diagnostics-20220518-1941/logs/syslog.txt FNR=35) warning: Invalid multibyte data detected. There may be a mismatch between your data and your locale


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1 minute ago, Arragon said:


Those are all different views of the same file so it looks if you only have 1 copy and it is physically on disk1.

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2 hours ago, Arragon said:

Are you sure?  It seems like everything is working now.  The UI glitch is a bit strange but after a while the drives etc appear.  I was also able to recreate the VM without a problem.

Make sure that you make a backup of the flash drive with your current working setup in case you later get some unexpected behaviour.

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