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  1. So,, do you think LSI 9210-8i can be switched over to IT mode? According to Broadcom's website it's controller is a SAS2008, which according to your post a few back is one that can be switched for use in unRAID. Sorry, new to a lot of aspects of building my first unRAID server and have been lurking a long time trying to learn and figure out the details so I "might" get it right the first time with minimal headaches! Thanks for any input. EDIT: Forgot to mention this controller is part of a used build I was considering (instead of building from scratch) located here: Ebay Already have an Antec 1200v3, fans, cages and ps but that's basically it so still open to every option plus a complete used setup.
  2. Sorry, I didn't know what you meant by doubled or pairs as you posted earlier but now I get what you meant. If I had known , I would have pointed that out for you that the yellow is the 12v wire and red is 5v, both blacks are grounds (they have to carry the current back for each of the positive wires so you can't cut that wire out unless you are not using one of the positive sources).
  3. khigh, the Tigerdirect/Compusa deal was listed in this section (Good Deals) just 2 days ago. The link to the sale is here If you click on the item, it will take you to the actual item in the store. Going to page 1 of the ad, you will see that the sale price is good for in store purchase only.
  4. The "silver" wire could be tin-plated copper or it could be aluminum. You can tell be knicking it with a knife or cutting the end square and if the "silver" color is only on the surface it is plated. Conversely if the color is through out then it is aluminum. As far as gauge goes, there are a few things to consider. What gauge wire are your connectors designed to work with (min-max or just one size) the loads you are considering putting on those particular runs you create and the insulation of the wire you are that order in my opinion. First, if your connectors are designed for 18-22awg wire then 16 will not fit, etc. Second, 18awg wire is rated to carry 16amps and 16awg is rated to carry 22 amps, both in an open air configuration (which the inside of your computer case is as opposed to together under a single insulation like a cord for a vacuum for instance). So for each "run" you are considering making, calculate how many amps that circuit will need to support, i.e. green drives draw about 2 amps each and fast spinners draw about 3 amps each. Multiply by number of drives and there is your rough amp draw total per "circuit" you are planning to make. Just a rough and quick guide to keep things safe inside your expensive box
  5. Tigerdirect=Compusa Never seen a Tiger Direct retail store but I have seen several CompUSA stores around the country. Still, I agree it would be better if they would allow online purchases as well.
  6. After doing some research it appears the only difference between 46M0831 vs 46M0861 I can find is the 831 is a factory installed option and the 861 is a replacement card and sold to resellers. I came across this site that gives a whole bunch of details about the card, options and flashing, etc. Thank you for the idea to check ebay. For some reason that never even crossed my mind. I love Newegg and sometimes Amazon, but Ebay might win here!
  7. Is there any big difference between the board numbers? As in the one on Newegg is an IBM 46M0831. There are other numbers of M1015's out there. Does it matter which ones to get or any specific #'s to avoid, etc?
  8. EMCYTZT2541 is the code, here's the link to the whole sale, Raid card 20% at bottom Was thinking about this M1015 card Is this the right one that everyone else is using? Was thinking about using it with this expander Am I on the right track?
  9. Same here. I think I have 3 of these, never used. Same questions as above... Dave
  10. Thanks. This has really motivated me to figure out all the differences in recent boards so I can make my own educated guess as to which board may be the best for my needs. There are many things to consider, I'm finding, and it is not easy for me at this point to make a wise decission but I'm trying figure it all out. Like I know I want IPMI or similar, would like usb 3.0, pcie 3 (learning c216 has those), don't need graphics though (i.e. IPMI), think ECC mem is a good idea, etc, etc. Trying to find one board that has it all and is stable and well supported is hard, maybe doesn't even exist. Have to figure out what I don't have to have and what I can live with. Just a lot of $ on the line between board, cpu and mem combo.
  11. What about this Supermicro X9SRA board? Will this work well?
  12. Yes! I came here to post that also. Saw it early this morning, now only need to know which board to pick. I don't know enough about the differences. Building a 22+2 unRaid in a full ATX so board size isn't an issue. Would rather have the latest features than the absolute best price. Your choice is a popular one as I have read around the site. Any other suggestions? Possible esxi in the future is the only addition. Thanks all!
  13. With promo code EMCYTZT2455 which is also shown on above page. Deal ends 11:59pm PT on 10/31/2012 I know a lot of guys like this unit, thought I'd post
  14. What about licensing? Say I have a 20 drive unRaid server and want to add more capacity via the option mentioned above (external case) with say 8 more drives, how do you handle the license issue? Do you have to build a whole additional server of its own and if so how do you share all the media info (able to be seen as 1 share)? Is the answer ESXi, which I know nothing about (yet)? Only asking because in a signature I saw John... something had a 60TB server as a guest on another like 48TB server via ESXi I believe. Is there future support in the works for servers with more than 20 (or 22) physical drives? Sorry for the newbie questions, I'm just starting a build and I'm feeling convinced unRaid is the way to go so I'm looking toward the future options. My media library is already pretty big and as soon as I find a stable way of keeping it online (which I think I have in unRaid) it will become massive. Thank you for any input.