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  1. 4 hours ago, ken-ji said:

    During boot up, the LSI should be prompting to press Ctrl-A to enter the card setup utility, does this not work on your QNAP?

    I am afraid it does not on this QNAP device.  After turning on I assume it goes onto a "blind" POST and then directly onto Unraid boot sequence, I can before this invoke BOOT option which allows me to select different BOOT options and BIOS menu, but the menu I assume is a custom one build for QNAP and it is very limited, I am sure QNAP did not intend nor welcome users wanting to use their HW in any other way than theirs.


  2. Yes, I am using an exterrnal Shelf/JBOD enclosure connecting to card with SFF-8088->SFF8088 cable.


    Also yes to using same cable, enclosure and HDD as before, only change is replacing Highpoint 2722 for LSI 9200-e8 card


     I just rechecked connections again and still no success :(

  3. @bof007, in my case (QGD-1600P) I hit F7 during boot to bring up menu, then I change the order of boot devices, save and exit.  This will get the server to boot from the flash drive as long as it is present, if I remove the flash and reboot the menu will reset to DOM (or whatever as I have not found a DOM yet) QNAP OS boot as 1st boot device.

  4. I recently bought a QGD-1600 Switch/NAS  ( and was also able to boot up Unraid, I now have an Unraid NAS and a POE Switch in one box, the cool thing is that because the server has two separate cpus/logic the switch operates as original booting up QSS (QNAP switch sw) while coexisting with Unraid on the Host side.  Have not yet committed to Unraid but will start playing to see if I completely switch over.