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  1. Hi guys, are SMART checks super frequent now under 6.9.0 or is something else a likely culprit here? My log is pretty much this now - spin down, read smart, spin down, wait 30 mins, rinse and repeat. Is that normal? I used to have disks sleep for a very long time.
  2. Perfect, thanks @itimpi. I've started on the path of doing parity swap + move parity to data as 1 step (eg making the two drives go blue, starting 'Copy Parity' function). It's at 45% right now. I'm hoping that when it finishes I can just start the array and allow parity to rebuild the 1TB data onto the old 4TB parity drive. Thus I'll have done first two steps as really one step. When that's done I can replace the last drive with the 2nd 14TB and again allow for a parity rebuild. So potentially two steps all in all. Quick sanity check, does that look alright?
  3. Hi fellow un-raiders, I've been on 6.9.0-stable for several days without any issues (other than the AutoFan extension causing disks to not spin down) and eager to do some disk shifts, for the first time ever. I'm on Unraid OS-Plus, 10 disk array (9+1 partity) + 1 cache SSD + 1 unassigned SSD. My array has only had a few purpose bought drives and a ton of leftovers ... so here's what I'd like to get done with two newly shucked 14TB Seagate Expansion drives: - replace my single parity drive (shucked 14TB replaces 4TB WD Red) - replace another drive (4TB with smart error w
  4. For anyone with the same issue, looks like my little maintenance timing overlapped Binhex rolling out a potentially breaking change to fix a DNS leak. Issue solved after following his Q&A.
  5. Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I can usually troubleshoot my way out of most issues but feeling stumped... My setup is pretty basic: Unraid Plus, 9 disks + single parity, 1-4GB in size, SSD for cache, SSD for unassigned devices. All leftover commodity hardware, humming along nicely for a couple of years with just 1 disk change. Used as a media server, *arr stuff, couple of other small dockers, 1 VM for random lab stuff. Network is dirt simple, subnet, ISP router issues IPs to regular end clients for 3.20+ and everything below is static