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  1. The problem was successfully solved according to your method, thank you very much! 按照你的方法成功解决问题了,万分感谢!
  2. Since the installation of disk2, there have been reads and writes, and only writes to disk1. The APP function and VM are useless, because they are not needed, only the array function and the domain function are used. 自安装disk2以来,一直都有读写,也只会写到disk1上,APP功能和VM没有用,因为不需要,只用了个阵列功能和域功能
  4. Picture two, only disk1 can be seen, but I do have disk2 图二,只能看到disk1,但是我确实有disk2
  5. The disk array composed of the first two disks, now I bought a new hard disk and added it (total 3 pieces). The space will also be displayed normally, and the disk letter is disk 2, but disk 2 cannot be displayed in the disk selection in the sharing, only the previous disk 1 is displayed. Check it on the primary disk and find that disk 2 does not have any indexes. Now disk1 is almost full, and disk2 has not been written. How can I solve this problem? ? 前两个磁盘组成的磁盘阵列,现在我购买了一个新硬盘并添加了它(共3块)。该空间也将正常显示,并且磁盘字母为磁盘2,但是在共享中的磁盘选择中无法显示磁盘2,仅显示前一个磁盘1。在主磁盘上检查它,发现磁盘2没有任何索引。现在disk1快满了,没有写过disk2。我怎么解决这个问题?
  6. 前两块做的磁盘阵列,现在又新买了一块硬盘加上去,也正常显示空间,磁盘符为磁盘2,但是在共享里的磁盘选择里无法显示磁盘2,只显示之前的磁盘1,在主磁盘上里查看,发现disk 2没有任何索引,现在disk1快写满了,始终不往disk2里写,请问我改如何解决这个问题??