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  1. I'm getting a message telling me that my NextCloud is in Maintenance mode. Just a few minutes earlier it was working fine.  I checked for any updates, and found two.  I applied them then when I refreshed the page, I got the message below.  I've restarted the docker image and the log shows no errors.  How do I clear this so I can use the service again?




    Update: I did a google search and was able to fix the issue with the following:

    cd /config/www/nextcloud

    sudo -u abc ./occ maintenance:mode --off


    This worked.

  2. 9 hours ago, itimpi said:

    I see a message in the syslog about too many devices connected and as a result the array non being started - you do not by any chance have a removable USB device plugged in?


    Not sure about your connection issue :( Maybe the

     Value "invalid" is not no/yes.

    indicates there is an error introduced in the MyServers support? Have you tried connecting directly via IP using


    It also looks like you do not have a password set for the root user - this will stop you being able to make SSH connections on the latest unRaid releases due to tightened security.

    Thank you so much!  You're absolutely correct.  I had a small usb drive plugged in for a while and never got around to removing it. I don't use it as part of my array so it never occurred to me that it could be the cause of my problem.  Now that I know better, it won't happen again.


    My server is up and doing a parity check now.  I love unraid!  When I don't mess things up, it just works.  I'm very impressed!

  3. Our power went out in the house today for a couple of minutes.  After power was restored, I checked my unraid server, and it was offline.  I rebooted it expecting it to come back online.  Unfortunately, it remained offline.  I could login to the console, and from other computers on my network I could ping it.  I could see clearly that it was connected to my router.  When I checked on the Mothership (forums.unraid.net - My Servers) it showed my server as being available.  However when I attempted to connect to it, I get connection refused. I checked to see if my Plex server was at least running, and nothing.  My Nextcloud server is also unreachable.  I restored my flash drive from the backup I did yesterday, and booted from that with no luck.  I'm running unraid 6.9.2.  


    When I boot unraid in safe mode I am able to login.


    I tried running the command unraid-api restart and I get the message output shown below: 

    root@Olympia:~# unraid-api restart
    Sending process 2522 SIGTERM.
    Starting unraid-api in "production" mode.
    Value "invalid" is not no/yes.

    This is where it stops and never completes.


    I ran diagnostics and uploaded the log file.


    Thanks for any suggestions - they would be greatly welcomed.



  4. I upgraded and rebooted and now my server is unreachable.  I was running on 6.9.1.  I Had My Server installed and running.  I can't reach my server either locally or remotely.  I do have a monitor and keyboard attached and can confirm the system is running.  It responds to ping as well.  I can login locally, but I don't know where to go from here.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  5. 12 minutes ago, ljm42 said:


    The WireGuard plugin will take advantage of UPnP if it is enabled, but the Remote Access feature of the My Servers Unraid.net plugin currently does not. So today, that setting will have no effect on whether Remote Access works.


    Note that if you are concerned about UPnP security, the main place you need to disable it is in your router. 

    Thanks for this info.  As I was setting it up, I couldn't get the remote access to work without it.  I'm sure I just didn't have the port forwarding setup quite right.  I turned off the UPnP in unRaid and tested the remote access and it seems to be working still, so something I had done earlier fixed the remote access issue but it wasn't the UPnP setting.  Thanks for your help.

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  6. I have an Orbi (Netgear) router with 2 satellites.  In order to get the remote access to work, along with adding the port forwarding, I had to enable "Use UPnP" setting on the Management Settings page.  Is there a better way to do this, or is this in any way compromising my system's security?

  7. I'm seeing that my server is not accessible when viewing from the unraid.net page, but the dropdown for MyServer (upper right corner) on my unraid server says everything is ok.  Is that what others are seeing too?  Everything was fine this morning.