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  1. Hello: That did it. groucho@devuan:~$ sudo bash ./make_bootable_linux INFO: make_bootable_linux v1.3 INFO: The following device appears to be the unRAID USB Flash drive: /dev/sdf INFO: Temporarily mounting unRAID USB Flash drive to /tmp/UNRAID_TMP_MOUNT Permit UEFI boot mode [Y/N]: n INFO: unRAID USB Flash drive currently mounted to /tmp/UNRAID_TMP_MOUNT, copying temporary installer files to /tmp/UNRAID To continue you may need to enter your admin password INFO: Installing Syslinux bootloader on /dev/sdf1 INFO: Writing MBR on /dev/sdf 0+1 records in 0+1 records out 447
  2. Hello: > What about the USB creator tool? > My box runs Linux. I don't have Mac hardware. The XPSP3 installation I used as an alternative (to test what was happening) happened to be at hand. Is not mine. And Unraid runs on Linux. No idea what the problem is? Thanks in advance, JHM
  3. Hello: > Please advise. > I haven't had any feedback on how to solve this issue yet. Any idea as to what to do? Thanks in advance, JHM
  4. Ahh ... Forgotten tidbit. Thanks for the reminder. But running the script from the USB drive from an XPSP3 instalation while logged in as Administrator also gives me a similar error: Make Bootable v1.5 ERROR - script must be run as administrator. Right click and select 'Run as administrator' or execute from an elevated command prompt. Press any key to continue ... As expected, it goes the same way if I open a terminal and execute 'make_bootable'. Please advise. Thanks in advance, JHM
  5. No. I am running the script as root: [root@devuan UNRAID]# whoami root [root@devuan UNRAID]# ./make_bootable_linux -bash: ./make_bootable_linux: Permission denied [root@devuan UNRAID]# OK [root@devuan UNRAID]# cp make_bootable_linux /home/groucho [root@devuan UNRAID]# cd /home/groucho [root@devuan groucho]# ls --- snip --- make_bootable_linux --- snip --- [root@devuan groucho]# chmod u+x make_bootable_linux [root@devuan groucho]# groucho@devuan:~$ sudo ./make_bootable_linux INFO: make_bootable_linux v1.3 INFO: The following device appe
  6. Ahh ... Had not seen that, must have missed it. Where is that? No matter. 16Gb USB2.0 Memory Stick - Label: UNRAID Still no cigar ... [root@devuan ~]# lsusb Bus 006 Device 007: ID 0930:6544 Toshiba Corp. TransMemory-Mini / Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 Stick --- snip --- [root@devuan ~]# [root@devuan ~]# blkid --- snip --- /dev/sdf1: LABEL_FATBOOT="UNRAID" LABEL="UNRAID" UUID="580B-36F6" TYPE="vfat" PARTUUID="85dbbcb6-01" [root@devuan ~]# [root@devuan ~]# fdisk -l --- snip --- Disk /dev/sdf: 14.4 GiB, 15500574720 bytes, 30
  7. Hello: I downloaded the latest Unraid *.zip to test it on my box and see how it does. Unfortunately, after following the pertinent instructions, I have not been able to do so. The 2Gb SD card was formatted as FAT32 using `gparted` and a new UUID was written to it to make sure it had a unique one, just in case. [root@devuan UNRAID]# ./make_bootable_linux -bash: ./make_bootable_linux: Permission denied [root@devuan UNRAID]# To make sure it was not a Linux glitch, I tried to run `make_bootable.bat` as Administrator on a netbook running XPSP3.