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  1. Hi All, It has a 2.5G network onboard, updated the unraid version on the USB and it looks to have found the network again. All looks good besides my VM which requires a BIOS setting somewhere. Thank you for the help, things are rocking again this side. Regards, Brandan
  2. Hi, Thanks, how would I confirm this? Also how would I upgrade the unraid version on the existing USB stick without losing my config? Regards, Brandan
  3. Hi, I moved my Unraid install over to a new motherboard and connected all the drives and the USB. Now i'm not getting a proper IP address and cannot access the UI. I'm getting a 169.* address. I can logon via the command line, I just need to get to the UI so I can add in the drives in order again. Diagnostics are attached. Thanks Regards, Brandan unraid-diagnostics-20210218-0401.zip