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  1. I think I had a bad P840 card. I replaced it and so far the last 2 days have been good. I will keep monitoring it.
  2. It's happened again after about an hour. My docker containers appear to still be working. So 3 times today Yep, only 1 browser open. I'll be happy if it's just an nginx issue. How do I restart the web ui? Edit: ok not all containers are working, but some are. Could it be a disk issue? Edit again: I see this in the syslog right before the nginx timeouts occur. Apr 27 12:39:49 unraid kernel: sd 7:0:4:0: Power-on or device reset occurred
  3. Just happened again. Exact same behavior. Had to press the power button. It got stuck. Then I unplugged it. This time with an uptime of 20 minutes. graylog-search-result-relative-0 (1).csv
  4. Today I performed a clean reboot, and the lockup happened just after 14 minutes of uptime. My ssh session, sftp session were locked up, so I went to the web ui and saw the CPU utilization panel details weren't moving. I had to press the power button which started a graceful shutdown, however it got stuck at this screen below. I gave it about 10 minutes before I just unplugged the server. Things to note: Today I rebooted because I added 2 new disks. 1 for a storage pool, and 1 to expand the array. However this type of lockup has happened previously when I wasn't expanding the disks. What's interesting is the SFTP attempted to re-connect well after the runlevel 0 happened. Attached are the syslog reports. graylog-search-result-relative-0.csv
  5. Hi all, I'm running the trial version of unraid to get a feel for it. So far so good except every 2 days or so, the system locks up entirely. The web ui is functional to a certain degree but this is my indication that the underlying system is locked up. I don't know what's going on - hopefully these diagnostics after my forced reboot captured something? unraid-diagnostics-20210425-1033.zip
  6. Turns out this is pretty simple to implement. It requires editing core files - which means it'll probably be lost one day on upgrades. I have no idea if this can be done with a community app, but this is at least a beginning for us who are used to docker-compose but still able to use the dynamix docker manager web interface. Tested this in version 6.9.2 I take no responsibility if you break something. Make sure you have a backup of this file before you begin. It would be great to see this included in the core of unraid since it's such a simple addition. Edit /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php Look for public function getAllInfo($reload=false) { and at the very end of the foreach add: if ($ct['Icon']) $tmp['icon'] = $ct['Icon']; if ($ct['url']) $tmp['url'] = $ct['url']; Look for public function getDockerContainers() { and inside the foreach, beneath the line containing $c['BaseImage'], add: $c['Icon'] = $info['Config']['Labels']['net.unraid.docker.icon'] ?? false; $c['url'] = $info['Config']['Labels']['net.unraid.docker.webui'] ?? false; Clear browser cache and reload the unraid web ui. Icons and webui links from unraid templates still work, and those from a docker container label also now work.