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  1. Would there be any circumstances in which I might need to kill power to the (UPS connected) server? I ask this because it would be a pain for me to move it out of the way to disconnect the UPS. If the UPS were connected to a smart plug, I could just turn it off via the appropriate app.
  2. So I have recently purchased a CyberPower UPS on which I am planning on plugging my self-build unraid NAS as well as my router and a Raspberry Pi which will act as a VPN server. I would like to monitor energy usage of the server but am unsure as to the configuration that is best recommended in this scenario. Should I plug the server into a smart plug and then plug that smart plug into the UPS? Would that potentially interfere with graceful shutdown? The NAS is going to be positioned in a place where I will not have easy access to the wall outlet. Would it therefore be better to
  3. I suppose it's not worth taking the risk. Any other relatively low-cost options out there?
  4. Any progress on this Jammy?
  5. Hi Newbie here. Have you had any further luck getting this working? Looking to purchase a UPS for my first ever Unraid build and would prefer not to shell out too much for it. This seems like a good value unit.