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  1. After a week plugged into the smart power monitor, including a parity check: daily average 0.51kwh weekly consumption 3.54kwh in the UK a kWh is about £0.145, so my sever cost me £0.51 to run for the week.
  2. Hardware wise: case: an old Lian-Li PC-A05FN (although it’ll be moving to an Antec P101 I have due to the WD whites causing the aluminium case to hum when they’re spun up) fans: 2 old Akasa Apache 120mm pwm psu: mid range 400w Be-Quiet ram: 1 stick 16gb Dockers: Plex Sonarr Radarr Sabnzdb Pi hole Glances Home Assistant MQTT Unifi-controller Speedtest-tracker I plan on plugging this into a TP link Kasa smart plug this weekend, so can update on the average daily and weekly power draw at a later date;
  3. Hi, My current build uses an Asrock j5040 mobo, with 3 x 8tb WD whites and a 500gb WD red SA500 cache drive. I run 10 dockers, no VM’s, running max 3 concurrent Plex streams. No 4K, only 1080p with any external transcoding at 720p 4mbps. Draws about 15 watts from the wall when idle. I sometimes think I miss the power of my old build, 4c/8t Xeon with a P400, but the reality is I don’t and the electricity bill is minuscule in comparison.