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  1. Hey everyone, So i've started adding VLANs to my network and wanted to setup my server or more specifically a pi-hole docker to run on one of the vlans. The problem is everytime I try to make a change on my network settings and i mean any change at all, the page sticks on the loading icon and no matter how long I leave it, you end up having to reboot the server and the change in settings is forgotten. It only happens on eth0 (br0) doesnt matter if I change this to intergrated NICs or my SFP+ card. The 2 other spare eth ports (br1) can be changed and meddled with to my hearts content - br0 is active backup 10gb sfp+ The only change I want to make right now is "Enable VLANs - Yes" and add in my vlans. The problem is the same if I try changing any other settings, DNS, gateway absolutely anything, I have to restart the server to be able to access it again.