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  1. Yes, for this reason, it was solved in this way. I was puzzled for a long time and couldn't find the answer. Until I bought two ecc RAMs Yesterday, the error code of my motherboard was 79. It may be that dual E5 V4 must use ecc memory. Before, I used dual E5 v3 and just used ordinary memory,it's work, But E5 V4 don't work. thanks everyone
  2. I connected all the power cords for the cpu and the motherboard, and later found out that it was a memory problem.
  3. Thank you for reply. I used normal memory, not server memory. and Yesterday I bought two ecc memory and solved the problem.
  4. Hello Guys I bought some new hardware and want to build a NAS, x10drl-i and two CPU E5-2695v4 qs, I also have two desktop RAMs. When I install both CPUs, two RAMs. But its can’t boot. I have changed every slot for memory,also didnt work. When I use a single cpu, it is ok. Should I must use server memory? Does the desktop memory support daul CPUs? Or maybe other problems. thank you for your suggestion